Why One Seven?

||Why One Seven?
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Universal & Efficient

Fixed Fire-Fighting Systems (FFFS) with One Seven compressed air foam (CAF) are able to protect your facilities, areas and parts with one system for any fire load and fuel.

This means that solid and liquid fuels can be handled by one and the same system. By discharging a thin, homogeneous and stable layer of extinguishing foam on all horizontal and vertical surfaces flames and therefore the source of life-endangering heat and smoke will be killed immediately (knock-down).

Costs & Environment

A One Seven FFFS is always a tailor-made solution for your requirements – to serve you best and cost-efficient. One Seven extinguishing systems can at any point easily be adapted to changes in your facilities and requirements – the basic components will stay the same and will not have to be exchanged or enlarged.

International acknowledged regulations and standards as ISO 7076-5 or NFPA 11 certify CAFS with a minimum discharge density as low as 1.63 l/min/sqm (equal to mm/min) for hydrocarbons and 2.3 l/min/sqm for polar fluids with operating times down to 5 minutes. Commonly known sprinkler protection will require a minimum of 5 mm/min up to 30 mm/min for industrial applications (factor 3-18). Please see the example on the right for your evaluation.

Foam & Environment

Fact: Foam is nothing we want to spread careless into our environment.

But: We do want to fight fires as fast as possible to stop emission of smoke and gases and, of course, safe lives and valuables. And we want to safe our drinking water as it is our most important source of life.
Our journey: Have fires stopped as quick and efficient with as low water need as possible – do so before the fire grows out of control.
Our solution: One Seven CAFS with foam proportioning as low as 0.3% and flourine-free foams available!

Established & Proven

We can provide solutions with One Seven’s FM-approved Stored-Energy-Systems and standard FFFS with an VdS-approval in progress (expected in 2016). One Seven has more than 60 stationary references worldwide which prove their reliability everyday. More than 2000 One Seven systems serve in fire departments all over the world: from Brazil, across Europe and the Arab Emirates to China.

Every fire is a challenge and test for the effectiveness. In ongoing research projects we have successfully fulfilled over 1000 real fire tests from small scale up to real-scale fires, for example the Runehamar tunnel tests back in 2005 with fire loads of up to „real“ 160MW.